About the Download

Enjoy Summer Ukulele

The uplifting bright acoustic background music guitar track A modern track for your any media projects with Happy Funny and Upbeat Acoustic Mood Great for cute children’s video game, family movies, wedding videos, and many more!

Track Info:
Looped Audio: No
Includes Vocals/no Vocals: No Vocals
BPM (Tempo): 180
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100
Precision: 16-bit
Duration: 02:58
File Size: 36.08M
Bit Rate: 1.41M
Audio File Included: WAV, MP3

Tag: Uplifting, weather, soft, spring, sun, nature, peace, piano, motivation, motivational, motivate, inspiring, joy, life, light, inspiration, inspire, good, guitar, happy, folk, friends, emotional, feel good, corporate, dreams, bright, commercial, beautiful.