About the Download

Happy Feeling

A Happy upbeat and Ukulele beautiful royalty free Acoustic background music track this track any commercial use Happiness Feelings is an Ukulele uplifting music mood Perfect for summer videos, and great for Happy feeling!

Track Info:
Looped Audio: No
Includes Vocals/no Vocals: No Vocals
BPM (Tempo): 181
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100
Precision: 16-bit
Duration: 02:15
File Size: 27.09M
Bit Rate: 1.41M
Audio File Included: WAV, MP3

Tag: warm, wistful, sweet, travel, uplifting, peaceful, relaxed, simple, mellow, organic, innocent, intimate, leisurely, home, hopeful, gentle, happy, elegant, folk, friendly, country,earthy, easy, comfort, comfortable, breezy, charming, acoustic guitar.