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    • Motivational and positive royalty free corporate background music track perfect for commercial Presentations, business videos, TV commercial,  marketing videos, radio commercials, travel videos, broadcasts, web advertisements, films, documentaries,advertising and marketing videos, and for any media projects.

      Featured instruments, electronic  piano, mute guitar, acoustic guitar, hand claps, electric guitar,  drums,  deep bass,  electric guitar, strings & synth pads, claps & percussion and more.


      commercial, corporate business, Corporate, advertising, motivational, confident, business, innovate, successful,  commercial,  inspirational, background music, uplifting, advertising, progress, background, inspiration, promote video, commercial, presentation, motivation, upbeat, motivated, joy, joyful, promotional gospel, motivate, inspiring, motivational, samples, progress, success,happy, hopeful, corporate royalty background music.

    • Track item pack: 3
      Full versions per track: YES
      Looped Audio:  No
      Includes Vocals/no Vocals:  No Vocals
      Channels:  2
      Sample Rate:  44100
      Precision:  16-bit
      File Size:  69.01M
      Bit Rate:  1.41
      Audio File Included:  WAV, MP3
      Unlimited License:  Allowed