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    • Energetic, and uplifting pop licensing royalty motivational music track features guitars.Perfect for film, television, games, web videos, corporate media, advertising, medical videos, YouTube videos, christian projects, light energetic emotional presentation and any project needing a motivational background.


      Motivational & inspiring Promotional corporate background music, upbeat and motivational indie corporate music track, This powerful cinematic music track, memorable guitar riff, Hip-Hop drums , instrumental music instruments, background synthesizers, video game trailers, films, teasers, cool instrumental music free download, modern percussion and cool vocals, other kind of your project, YouTube videos, TV advertising, promotions, background music, pure electronic technological ambient music track Upbeat Positive Corporate, elements of trip-hop, trap and glitch sounds, light, movable and motivational corporate composition, This track consists of smooth synth chords, drums , powerful horns, bass, emotional, encouraging and contemplative piano based music track, acoustic guitar pads hats kicks percussion, melody bgm, Electric Guitar, Synths, advertising, slide show, tech infographics, glassy delayed strat guitar perfect for commercials, presentation, promotional, happy backround music, corporate videos, muted electro guitars, harmonics, piano, drums, presentations, Youtube videos, corporate presentations, commercials, Inspiring Orchestral Piano is inspiring orchestral music track, asian percussion and Chinese music instruments,This track is: inspiring and motivational background music track, It’s an positive, inspiring, Fast overdriven guitars and punchy drums, slow,thoughtful and airy mood, sports action video, games, how to video background music, nostalgic or romantic music projects, music instrument shop, MMA, racing, military documentary, video games, soft music instrumental for background mp3, advertisements, trailers, background for any inspirational music project, instrumental music for, Easy listening French Gypsy jazz music track, Very beautiful and romantic music track, promotional music videos, slideshows meditation inspirational commercials, timelapse videos, holidays videos, business, romantic background music download, An inspiring and relax background track designed, free to use instrumental music, An orchestral, emotional, dramatic, epic, bag ground music, heroic, inspiring, tech reviews, movies, trailers, instrumental song finder, powerful cinematic music, Bright.

    • Track item pack: 3
      Full versions per track: YES
      Looped Audio:  No
      Includes Vocals/no Vocals:  No Vocals
      Channels:  2
      Sample Rate:  44100
      Precision:  16-bit
      File Size:  71.08M
      Bit Rate:  1.41
      Audio File Included:  WAV, MP3
      Unlimited License:  Allowed